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With a balanced mix of knowledge and humor, running technique specialist Fredrik Zillén guides you to a more efficient running stride. The idea is not that you should have to run and think of 348 different instructions at the same time or tense up and force different movements. Instead, it is mostly based on relaxation and a type of choreography so that after the course it will feel more like you are dancing than running.
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Quotes from happy runners :)

”I ran with audio lesson no. 2 from your online course. Increased the pace from 6:30 to 5:30/Km (10.27 to 8.50/mile) without it feeling harder. On the contrary actually.”
Runners tell in an email how the course is going

”Have struggled with an ITB syndrome for several years. Went to many physiotherapists, had online personal trainers, ran on gravel roads, paths, asphalt and tested different shoes. Nothing has helped. Bought your online course. Ran 7 km last week without pain. Never thought an online course could be this good. 
 Happy and injury free runner

"It's amazing what a difference you made to me. I ran 90 minutes yesterday and have never felt so good both during and after the workout, and then I have never run so fast with the same low heart rate. Thanks!!!”  
Update from a runner after two of the six audio lessons 

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Your Instructor - Fredrik Zillén

Fredrik has helped thousands of runners to a more efficient running technique - from the slowest beginners to members of the Swedish national team in running and triathlon who have participated in the World Championships and the Olympics.
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